• 13 2017-06

    Some characteristics of optical attenuator in optical devices

    There are several characteristics of an optical attenuator:(1) attenuation and insertion loss. The attenuation and the insertion loss is an important index of optical attenuator, attenuation index o

  • 13 2017-06

    Principle and characteristics of different optical switches

    Since the first generation telecommunication network, the telephone switching system has adopted a large number of switches to form switching units to complete the circuit switching between users. T

  • 13 2017-06

    Notes on installation of magneto optic switches

    The magneto optic switch using Faraday rotation effect is to change the effect of the magneto-optical crystal on the polarization surface of the incident polarized light by changing the applied magn

  • 13 2017-06

    How to choose optical attenuator

    Optical attenuator is an optical fiber passive device is very important is an important part of optical communication equipment, and other optical fiber applications indispensable components, are wid

  • 13 2017-06

    What are the features of a halo device?

    The optical circulator is mainly used in the optical add drop multiplexer. The optical signal reflected by the isolator is led by another port, and the WDM system can be constructed with fiber gr

  • 13 2017-06

    Considerations for the use of optical switches

    Optical switch transmission port has one or more optional, physical or logical operation is switched on the optical signal transmission line or in optical integrated circuits, in actual use, for the


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